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ROYU is the electrical brand under Firefly Electric and Lighting Corporation (FELCO) — a leading lighting, electrical, and power solutions company in the Philippines. Established in 2002,  ROYU Electrical started with the introduction of the basic wiring devices and since then has grown year on year through continuous innovation.  Now,  ROYU prides itself as the go-to one-stop brand that offers a wide range of electrical products covering everything from wiring devices,  wire and cables, exhaust fans, extension cords, electrical accessories, conduit, and circuit breakers, enclosures, and more. All products went through rigid tests and passed the requirements set by the Bureau of Philippine Standards. This is to ensure that consumers get the utmost quality and safety in every ROYU product. 

In addition, ROYU products are economically priced, widely available, and user-friendly, making them a perfect choice for contractors, electricians, and homeowners. 

Products Offered

Wiring Devices 

Includes switches, outlets, and components under 3 distinct series:  Classic, Wide/Super Wide and Plano Series helping consumers to choose easier based on their functional and practical requirements.   

Electrical Accessories

ROYU’s electrical accessories consist of plugs, adapters, surface-type switches, and outlets that vary in size, color, and function. 

Exhaust Fans

Experience cleaner and better air circulation with ROYU Exhaust Fans.   It provides better airflow,  low noise levels, and power consumption. Made with pure copper motor,  making it safe and durable.  ROYU offers wall and ceiling-mounted exhaust fans with different designs and sizes which you can choose from.

Extension Cord

Extension cords are used to provide power for devices with cables that can’t reach any nearby electrical outlets. Choosing the right type is critical to ensuring electrical safety and preventing home fires. ROYU’s extension cords are made with flame-retardant materials and have surge protection (for power extension cords). It also comes in different lengths, a number of outlets, and plug types (including USB plugs) that you can choose from. 

Wires and Cables

ROYU offers durable wires for residential and commercial constructions and cables that are reliable for communications and distribution connections.  Available Wires & Cables:  THHN/THWN-2 Stranded, TW (Solid/Stranded), Flat Cord, Bare Copper (Solid/Stranded), TF Wires, Royal Cord, Non-Metallic Sheathed Cable, and Communication Cables (Coaxial, Telephone, Lan and Network Cables). 

Circuit Protection

Under this, ROYU offers circuit breakers and safety breakers that come in different types such as bolt-on or plug-in,  with a cover molded case or regular ones. ROYU breakers are Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS) approved, are flame retardant, have better heat dissipation, and short circuit protection guaranteed safe to use.

Electrical Enclosures 

To cater to the growing demand for enclosures, ROYU introduced panel boards, distribution panels, switchboards, and switch gears that can be custom-built to suit customer requirements. These products are made with quality materials, and long-lasting finishing to ensure durability and safety.

With a wide array of high-quality products at affordable prices, ROYU is the perfect choice for customers looking at renovating or improving their living or office space.  

ROYU  products are available at your local hardware and electrical stores, DIYs, and Depots anywhere around the country.

Customers may also order online via the FELCO corporate store, www.felcostore.ph. Learn more about ROYU by visiting www.fireflyelectric.com or www.facebook.com/royuwiresdevicesph. 

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