Reasons Why You Need An Emergency Light At Home

black flashlight

What’s the first thing you do when there’s a sudden power outage at home? Find a light source, of course.

You must anticipate such situations and prepare for them. Having an emergency light can equip you for when they happen. Emergency lighting refers to light sources backed by a battery or an independent power source that can help during low visibility conditions.

With those things in mind, here’s why you need an emergency light at home.


Illuminates unsafe areas

Emergency lights illuminate unsafe areas of your home. For example, the light can guide people to evacuate if the main power is affected. These lights can come in three forms: flashlights, floodlights, and of course, emergency lights. 

Flashlights are hand-worn and powered by a battery. Depending on the design, it can charge on the wall and not experience any overcharge. You can buy these flashlights at the hardware store. As for floodlights, rescuers use them to help people in need. It is especially helpful in heavy rain conditions.

The emergency lights in buildings usually have 2 or 3 lamps connected to a box. Having at least one at home can be a good investment. However, you should place them at strategic locations because they will only turn on during power outages.


Easy to manage

Anyone familiar with emergency lights can use them. You can keep it safely until the outage occurs. However, it should be kept away from children because they might play with it and use up all its battery.

Once an emergency light’s battery has been used up, you can charge them using electricity. Most emergency lights have a plug-to-charge option, while other models have a solar charging feature. Those lights can absorb solar energy from sunlight to recharge their batteries, which is a nice option if you want to save on electricity. 



Emergency lights help you see during low visibility conditions and don’t cost a lot. A flashlight from Ecolum comes at PHP130.00. They also use LED bulbs that save energy, making them last up to 10 hours. You can use that period during an emergency to collect yourself and think of ways to kill time until the situation has been addressed.


Encourages security

Lights give a sense of security. However, not having a light source can be unsafe, especially during emergencies where low visibility is a hazard.

For instance, strong typhoons prompt electricity providers to turn off the power supply. With the main power out, you can use an emergency light to provide a light source until it returns.



While they’re mostly used in emergencies, you need to check them. A regular inspection ensures that the product will work when you need it. Emergency lights only need to be checked at the end of the month or week after use. Their low-maintenance use can save LED light usage over time.

Emergency lighting is more than just additional lights. At home, it can help establish safety. Invest in one to be prepared for unexpected situations where you’ll need a reliable light source.

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