Digital is key: Introducing FELCO University Online!

In the midst of the pandemic, digital technologies emerged as the key driver to support organizations as we face the demands of the new normal. Marketing Director Erik Riola previously shared that organizations and programs should evolve alongside the digital world. And FELCO University is no exception.

Launched in 2019, FELCO University is an initiative geared towards educating current and future influencers in electrical works. Through the expertise of FELCO’s own engineers, the program aims to increase the product knowledge of electrical professionals, electricians, and aspirants with experiences from a manufacturer’s deep experience in production and standards.

However, with the current restrictions on physical and face-to-face interactions, how can FELCO University help electrical engineers pursue their training without sacrificing health and safety? Assistant Brand Manager Kathleen Aquino says that in this new reality, a brand must stay relevant while being able to contribute to the community. Meanwhile, she notes that throughout the quarantine period, people have shown the most interest in personal growth and development.

Recognizing this, the team launched FELCO University Online!, an e-learning series that covers modules on new technology, innovations, and the right applications in the electrical category. The topics also include common issues and misconceptions, product quality testing procedures, compliance with the Philippine Electrical Code and Philippine National Standards, and driving innovation through useful product features.“As we are deeply rooted in our mission in improving the lives of the Filipinos, be it through our products or by the knowledge we share, we have shifted these on-ground engagements online to reach
more people,” Kathleen added.

The decision to repackage FELCO University from an on-ground activity to an e-learning tool proved to be fruitful. The team piloted FELCO University Online! with one of the best chapters of IIEE (Integrated Institute of Electrical Engineers), the IIEE Metro Manila Region MetroWest. Similarly, this was the first-ever seminar brought online via webinar platform by a partner-brand to IIEE. “On our second run, we were amazed to have reached another milestone of bringing in approximately 270 Licensed Electrical Practitioners nationwide. It was a really great participant turnout as we’ve initially targeted 60 participants per event,” Kathleen shared.

This program indeed gave their spirits a boost to branch out and reach other industry organizations nationwide moving forward. “Not only do we want to share the best practices of FELCO, we also plan to build a community that would give significant importance to the welfare of the construction industry,” Kathleen said. Additionally, the team launched different programs that cater to every customer channel. One of which is the Chint online seminar, wherein Chint showcased their smart energy solutions portfolio to fabricators, contractors, and design engineers. “We will persevere to create tailor-fit e-learning modules as we continue to share the FELCO way to the Filipino market,” Kathleen added.