6 Qualities of a Great Air Cooler

Firefly air cooler in the bedroom

Humidity in the Philippines can get unbearable. The heat is palpable, especially in the daytime. That is why you need an air cooler ready to cool down the heat. 

Cooling a certain area’s room temperature is possible with an air cooler. They can come in many variations. These include smart air coolers, which you can control using your smartphone, or industrial air coolers, which are useful for large areas. Getting an air cooler can get you through the heat. If your body feels unusually hot, the air cooler helps you refresh your body. Air coolers have these six qualities, which can improve your quality of life. 


Easy Portability

Firefly Home air coolers have wheels for easy portability. If you plan to go to another room, you can move it from one place to another. Meanwhile, air conditioners can only cool one room and require installation. 


Cools And Improves the Air

The air cooler can cool an immediate area and remove dust to improve the overall air quality. In countries like the Philippines, the air can be warm and humid. If exposed for too long to warm and humid conditions, you may experience heatstroke and continuous palpitation. 

The air cooler lowers the temperature of an immediate area. It can help when the room has good ventilation, so the air can pass throughout the room. Once you are in the range of the air cooler, your skin will stay moisturized due to the air from the air cooler having an amount of moisture. As a result, you can prevent dry eyes and dry skin.


Can Fit In Any Space

Another great quality of air coolers is its design. These products come in suitable shapes and sizes for various spaces, big or small. 

Most air coolers come in small-scaled rectangular shapes, and you can get a large industrial size if needed. Some are thick, and others can be thin, depending on the design of the air cooler. You still need to place it strategically to enjoy the cold air.   


No Installation Needed

Compared to air conditioners, there is no additional installation needed for air coolers. All you have to do is get the air cooler, pour the water, plug it into any location of your choice, and turn on the device to feel cool and refreshed. 

You do not need the help of technicians to install an air cooler. Because air coolers are easy to use, anyone can use them immediately. If the air cooler loses its cold air, you only need to pour the water again. The air cooler can work without cold water. Pouring cold water with ice into the air cooler is highly recommended.


Cost-Effective For Your Electric Bill

Firefly Home coolers have an intelligent memory function that can help the cooler resume to its default settings in case a power outage occurs. 

There are also timer options to control electricity consumption. For example, you can set the air cooler for 1 hour to consume electricity in that timeframe. As a result, you can control your expenditure on electricity.


Wide Coverage Areas 

Firefly Home air coolers have varying coverage areas starting from 26 sqm up to 255 m2. With their wide and diverse features, air coolers are meant for different locations with specific purposes. 

You do not have to worry about the warm air colliding with the air from your air cooler. These products can change the temperature.

The smallest coverage area is recommended for a single room, such as the bedroom. You can get an industrial air cooler for larger spaces like warehouses and shops. Before choosing the recommended model, take note of the sizes of the rooms and locations first.


Chill Out With FELCO Air Coolers

Firefly Electric and Lighting Corporation has been serving the Filipino people’s lighting and electrical needs since 2001. With the company’s continuous evolution, the company now carries cooling appliances such as the air cooler.

FELCO also has many air coolers for your convenience. With the Firefly Home air coolers’ affordable price, great design, and easy portability, you can save electricity through timed use. Every product is tested and checked thoroughly until it reaches your doorstep. 


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